My research interests explore intersections of the following topics: Computer graphics Knowledge organization Artificial agents Procedural modeling GPU-based simulations I am currently interested in creating artificial systems with complex environments, physically embodied agents and dynamic logic to study crowd motion, resource management and digital ecology.


July 27, 2016. SIGGRAPH, Anaheim, CA NVIDIA GVDB Sparse Volumes launched at SIGGRAPH 2016 with Ken Museth (Dreamworks Animation) NVIDIA introduces a new framework for sparse volume rendering and simulation to be released in 2017 as an open source SDK with samples. GVDB is presented by lead architect Rama Hoetzlein and award winning developer Ken Museth, Dreamworks Animation, where it was used to interactively render large-scale water simulations for motion pictures. | VIDEO
May 24, 2016, San Francisco, CA Visions of Virtuality, High Fidelity, Inc. Watercolor drawings and sketches for imagined worlds in virtual reality are on exhibit at High Fidelity, Inc. by conceptual artist Rama Hoetzlein to consider what new experiences and affordances are possible in VR. Two lectures in conjunction with the exhibit discuss collaboration, social networking, mixed reality, and future trends in VR.
Nov 15, 2013 Art+Technology = New Art Forms, Not Just New Art MAKE Magazine “In the thoughtful essay ‘What Is New Media Art?’ the scholar and artist Rama Hoetzlein distinguishes half a dozen separate art forms within “new media” into which the above projects would fall (with a helpful chart too). He does this to begin to categorize these works according to how traditional art forms have been categorized…” | FULL ARTICLE
Feb 26, 2010 Transliteracies RoSE Design Charrette Transliteracies is hosting a design charrette at UCSB’s Bren School for its participants and invited guests. The charrette brings together special guests from literature, digital humanities, information studies, and computer science to discuss topics on social networks. Guests include Johanna Drucker (UCLA), Peter Krapp (UCI), Nancy Van House (UC Berkeley), Noah Wardrip-Fruin (UCSC), Geoffrey Bowker (U. Pittsburgh), Tad Risch (Intel Research) and many others. | EVENT PAGE | ARTICLE
July, 2009 Timeline of New Media Art at the 4th International Conference on Arts in Society Most visual histories of art end with the post-modern era in the 1970s. The Timeline of 20th c. Art and New Media was created to include relationships between art, new media art, science, technology, war and media theory. Presented at the 4th International Conference on Arts in Society, Venice, Italy.
Sept 29, 2003 Smash! Kabam! Games of the Future, Cornell Sun The Game Design Initiative at Cornell University started with seven students in Fall 2001. The following summer, David Schwartz and Rama Hoetzlein came up with a formalized syllabus to hit concrete topics such as artwork, physics, music and networking, and even some esoteric ones such as gaming violence and social impact. | ARTICLE | ARTICLE (2006)


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